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Swiss Bank account that provide a debit card 


Is a modern private bank at a human scale who offers you all the necessary tools for your finance. The Bank is specialized in the areas of advice, forex trading, stocks, options, lombard loans, money markets, and foreign exchange. Bank has branches in Geneve and Lugano.


US customers has right to open this account thought due to investing Bank profile it is wealth managing bank for USA residents and companies.




Bank is Member of S.B.A and F.I.N.M.A 

Also it is member of SWIFT so you will have your swiss account with you own bank account number, SWIFT details and IBAN details.


Multi-currency current accounts you can have in just one account US$, Euro, CHF, JPY, Chinese renmimbi, Russian ruble, GBP, HK$ and many other values.

With our multi-currency current accounts you can do all your banking online:

Perform online bank transfers wherever you are in the world, from CHF 3.50
Receive payments in all currencies and receive SMS notifications (only on request, for your privacy)
Use your liquidity in a deposit account
Make term deposit at your convenience
Use your credit card or prepaid card
Check all your operations through your Home Banking service
Receive bank SMS Alerts on your mobile phone
Have a safety deposit box available

Account opening: Free
Access to Home Banking: Free
1st minimum deposit : 5'000 EUR / 5'000 USD / 5'000 CHF
Quarterly account management costs: 90 CHF
Issue of prepaid credit card: Free

Requirements For non residents worldwide:

ID is accepted for EU citizens, otherwise Bank required certifies copy of passport.
The minimal deposit for an account opening is 5.000,- Euro or USD or CHF.

An utility bill that proofs account holder address
Quarterly account management costs: 90 CHF



Requirements for US Residents:


American citizens or company are accepted as account holders provided that:
- the min. asset of 1 mio USD
- the client accepts to sign the form W9
- as well as Waiver
Customer is welcomed to visit the Bank at Bank location.



Requirements for Company accounts:


The minimal deposit for an account opening is 5.000,- Euro or USD or CHF.

Apart from certified copies of representative of the companies like directors and beneficial owners and their utility bills Bank need:

- certification of incorporation with English translation in case other language.
- list of directors
- memorandum and articles of association
- board resolutiong or power of attorney.

Then company is older than one year, then certificate of good standing is required.


Bank account from Switzerland and no name debit card



Debit Card Available:


Issue of debit card is free of charge. A 100% Swiss electronic version of the Travellers Cheque, you prepay this card with up to 10,000, US $10,000 or 10,000 Swiss francs and then use it to withdraw cash at over 1 million money dispenser (ATMs) across the world using the Maestro network. There is just no relation between your account and the card. The card is issued by a Swiss company. No annual cost - you pay 1% of whatever amount you load into the cards and nothing more. You can log on to the Internet to check your balance and where the money was spent. Cost to withdraw cash at ATMs outside Switzerland is 5 Swiss francs per withdrawal (equivalent to $4.48 or EUR 3.41 or 3.13).



Credit Card Available:

International Visa and Mastercard credit cards
These cards are accepted all over the world. Your credit limit is calculated daily as half the balance on your account. All cards are denominated in Swiss francs but work worldwide. Annual costs for an entry level card (Swiss franc silver Mastercard) cost 200 Swiss francs a year (equivalent to $179 or EUR 136 or 125).


Check out all types of cards available Travel Cash, credit cards and prepaid cards



Contact us to get your no name debit card and Swiss Bank account for non resident


Due Diligency on Swiss Banks

Guide to open offshore Bank account at Switzerland

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