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Offshore Banking Everything You Wanted To Know

The world is moving but your money does not have to.

Offshore Banking Finance is designed for People Living and Working Abroad. Also for expats and non resident aliens persons that enjoys banking offshore benefits which lifestyle changes along the way and wants to know that their financial arrangements can remain constant.

One of the great advantages of living and working abroad is the opportunity to maximise income potential.

Some of the questions you may be asking are:

How easy is it to open a bank account that is tailored for my situation?
How can I get immediate access to my cash across the world?
Does my local bank understand the issues that face me now? For example, how to move money across the world?
Is my money secure? Is it safe from political or economic problems that could decrease the value of currency?
Where do I get reliable independent advice on how to maximise returns on my money?



Am I minimising the amount of tax I pay on savings and investments?
How do I find out about the tax system in a new country?
What financial advantages can I benefit from now that I'm living or working abroad?
Does my bank have language or cultural problems in helping me?
Do I have round the clock access in the currency of my choice?
Do I have to open a new bank account with all the subsequent admin problems every time I move?


These could be some of the questions you are asking yourselft. We provide financial information for people living and working abroad, world wide workers and many more.

What are the advantages of Banking Offshore?

Offshore Investing - What's in it for your money?

Advantages of offshore banking

Disadvantages of offshore banking

Offshore Bank definations

What type of services are available from offshore banks?

Is all of this legal?

Countries that offer offshore banking

Regulation of tax haven banks

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Statement

Documentation required to open an offshore Banking account

Offshore Bank License

Jonas Act
List of Banks offshore with Websites

List of Banks in Switzerland with Websites



Guide to open offshore Bank account at Switzerland

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