Swiss Bankers Travel Cash


Swiss Bankers Travel Cash makes travel even easier. Just load your prepaid card with euros, U.S. dollars or Swiss francs, and you’ll be able to withdraw cash in the local currency at 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. And if your Card is lost or stolen, it will be replaced worldwide and at no charge with a credit posted for the balance remaining on your old card.

Replaced worldwide at no charge if lost or stolen.

Withdraw cash at 1.5 mio. ATMs worldwide.

Pay for purchases directly at more than 13 million merchant locations

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash makes travel easier
With your prepaid card you will be able to withdraw cash in any currency and buy in the shops worldwide.


Easy to reload
You can refill the card easily and quickly directly from your Home Banking or by contacting your Private Manager. All transactions can be checked online using our Home Banking service.

Ideal supplement to a credit card.

Find out card balance via telephone or Internet.


• Account opening: Free
• Access to Home Banking: Free
• 1st minimum deposit : 5'000 EUR / 5'000 USD / 5'000 CHF
• Quarterly account management costs: 90 CHF
• Issue of prepaid credit card: Free

Guide to open offshore Bank account at Switzerland

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Swiss Bankers Travel Cash card  
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These cards are available opening a Swiss Bank account



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