Guidelines to open a bank account in The Caribbean in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and get your own Bank account with Debit Card ATM Maestro or Mastercard.

What is the consulting $35 for the card?

We only charge a referring fee EUR 35 for the reasearch of this product and providing vendor contact to order the card... Keep in mind then you will have the cost of ordering the card when you choose to.


What is the card?

It's a prepaid, reloadable ATM debit card that isn't linked to your bank account. It offers what are known as "stored value" cards. Quite simply, that means that you store money and access it by using your card worldwide at a bank machine (ATM, review locations here) or by using it like a bank debit card to make purchases (POS transactions available in Canada only).


What name will be printed on the card?
There is no individual name printed on it.


Does the Card expire?
There is no expiration date of the card.


Who can apply for the Card? Where can be shipped?
Only European Residents.


Are there different types of cards?
Yes and no. All cards function in basically the same way, but they can be put to a number of different uses. Your employer can use this card as a more convenient and less costly way to pay you. You can send a card to someone as a gift. You can use a card to transfer money to relatives overseas. Insurance company can use cards to pay claims. In short, the possible uses are virtually endless.


How secure is my money with this card?
It is more secure than a bank card. Like a bank card, nobody can get at your cash without your Personal Identification Number (PIN). What's more, unlike a bank card, the maximum risk that you face is the amount of money stored on the card. With a normal bank card, someone who steals both your card and PIN may be able to clean out your entire bank account.

When it comes to the question of security, the term "stored value" may be a little misleading. The money is not actually stored on the card. It is stored on our secure computers and can only be accessed if you provide your PIN when you use your card at an ATM.

Your PIN is not stored anywhere on your card, not even on the magnetic stripe. The information on the stripe merely identifies you so that our systems can compare the PIN that you enter to the one that is stored in our secure computers. That way, a thief who steals your card cannot learn your PIN even with a magnetic card reader.

Because your PIN is so critical to the security of your card, it is important that you protect it. Be sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN. Even if you aren't aware of anyone watching you, it is still a good idea to shield the keys of the ATM with your other hand when you enter your PIN.


How is theCard better than using a bank card?

1. TheCard can be used to send gifts or transfer money. Since an ordinary bank card and PIN gives the holder access to your full bank account, they are not a good way to send a gift or transfer money to others. TheCard gives a recipient access to only as much money as you add to the card -- not your whole bank account.

2. TheCards are more secure. Because TheCard is not tied to your bank account, in the very worst case, if someone steals both your card and PIN, the most that the thief can get is the money that remains on your card. With a bank card, they may be able to drain your entire account.

How do I add money to my card?

You can transfer money to your card over the Internet or at your bank.

Can I transfer money from my Card to my bank account?


How many cards can one register under the same name?

They limit two (2) cards per person activated under the same name.

Can I use my the Card like a credit card before I add money to the card?

No. The Card is what is known as a "stored value" card. This means that you must first add money to the card and then spend or withdraw that money from it. You cannot use the card to spend more than the amount of money that is stored on it.

Is my money protected if my card is lost or stolen?

Yes. Nobody can get at your money without your PIN. If your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced once we verify that you are the authorized cardholder.

If I give a the Card as a gift, can the recipient replace the card if it is lost or stolen card or do I have to do that?

Yes. The cardholder is a known account holder because the card is in their name. Cardholders can simply contact the Card company directly and they will replace the card as soon as possible.

What happens if I forget my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Not right away. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN number you cannot get a new one or reset the PIN in any way. If you have made 3 or more attempts at an ATM the system will automatically lock your card and disable use for 24 hours.

You can go back to any ATM after the 24 hour lock down period and try again. If you have in fact forgotten or lost your PIN number you must replace your card.

I want to use a the Card to transfer money to relatives in another Country. Can I have a 2nd account, send the card to my relatives and simply transfer from card to card?

Yes. Simply order two individual cards. One card for each person. Then simply execute card to card transfers.

Do I need a good credit record to get a card?

No. Since you cannot spend more money than you have added to the card, the card issuer does not assume any risk and, therefore, is not concerned with your credit rating.


Where can I get a card?
You just have to order our service and we will referred you to the vendor of this card. You will be able to request as many cards as you want directly to the vendor, no more intermediary.


Where can I use my card?

You can use your card at any ATM located here.


Is there a limit to load the card?
Yes, daily loading limit of 5,000.00 EUR and 30,000.00 EUR monthly (Thirty "30" Days) loading limit. Those limits are per card. There is a limit of two (2) cards activated/registered under the same name.


How much can withdraw per day?

The card features a daily limit of 5,000 EUR for ATM withdrawals, but keep in
mind that ATM machines and/or ATM's networks and even some countries may
also have their own limits.




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